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continual puberty
by Tamaki SAITO

How to rescue your child from "hikikomori
by Tamaki SAITO


Sociology of "Hikikomori"
by Sohei IDE



What is Hikikomori?

Hikikomori (?????????)

A Japanese term for individuals who cannot maintain societal relationships, although their conditions do not classify as mental or physical illness. In the majority of cases, individuals shut themselves into their rooms within their homes for 6 months or longer. Hikikomori is a major societal problem in Japan, estimated to affect nearly 410,000 people. Further, 80% of all hikikomori are reported to be males. Hikikomori has been reported in other countries such as Korea, Taiwan and the U.K, but Japan is the only country reporting the problem on such a large-scale.

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*Gender Disparities(????)
*Percentages of Individuals Who Have Experienced Futoko
*Social withdrawal and "Hikikomori"


*Epidemiologic Survey Okayama University 2002
*Epidemiologic Survey Okayama University 2003
*Psychiatric Diagnoses for Hikikomori (Okayama University)
*Survey in Saitama prefecture

Book Guide


*Relationship between Hikikomori and Eationg Disorder
*Medical Diagnosis(DSM-IV-TR)

Guideline(Politics and Measures)

*Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Guideline (2003)
**Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare New Guideline (2009)
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